Monday, May 21, 2007

New Friends from Long Beach

After getting to know Long Beach all day Friday - I went out on the Friday night to the rhythm lounge a bar/club in the main downtown area of Long Beach.

During the evening i met lots of people from Long Beach and surrounds - they were all really friendly - (and i had invites for breakfast Sunday, lunch Saturday and people to see again in San Fran ) . It was a cool venue - and DJ Kimberley played some great music, though i know many of you reading this blog would not cope with the 2am close here in California.

Above is Mike and Stephen and their friend Steve who was visiting from Texas for the weekend. They were great hosts for their city. I hung out with them on Saturday afternoon for lunch and a few drinks at some of the local bars.
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Adam & Jason said...

I agree totally, the 2am cut off for alcohol is hard to cope with. But you'll deal with it Little Dani. Yes I have already been told of your San Francisco nickname. Word travels fast.

JJ x