Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cool people there are to be met in San Fransico

Big William was a great host – we will hopefully be seeing him visit Sydney for the first time next year. As well all of Will’s friends are great they were great company all week so a big thankyou to you all – come visit Sydney soon !

Will took us for some cultural delights with the Masterpieces of French Jewelry at the “Legion of Honor Museum” – watch out Nicholas I may now know something for watching Antiques Roadshow. I met Kim on Saturday and she made a big impact. She has traveled extensively (incl to Australia) and had so many great tips for traveling and my blog.

I met Aaron during the day on Wednesday while I was wandering around the city– then on Thursday we went for lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf – He typifies what San Francisco is all about – from Ohio originally he’s moved here for a change ahead of going to study in New York.

Jeff and Sarah – I really enjoyed meeting these two at Renata’s party. (Guys back home - I think Jeff is Chris O’Grady’s evil twin brother the resemblance is uncanny)

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Kim said...

Hi Sweetie,
I just got back from LA - wanted to check your blog - looks like you are having a blast. Thank you for the pictures of our fun day.
Have you seen any pumping music?