Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Doing as locals do

This was not my first time to San Francisco – last time I did lots of the touristy things – cable car rides , trip to Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge.

So I decided this time I want to spend my time as locals do.

Dolores Park was a new discovery. This is a great park – perfect for sunny days in San Fran – located just near the Mission District it has a perfect view of the city

I also joined Golds Gym for a week – and went 3 times (I think even i'm in shock at that )

On Monday I went downtown with Big William to the Imax Theatre to see Spiderman 3 – I liked it – but the movie was so very long – Imax was a great way to see it.

Over the week I’ve been here - I just went for coffee, sat in the park, rode the muni system or just strolled the many streets of San Francisco. I've also eaten really well here too including Mexican, Thai, & Italian - like Sydney there is a great range of different cuisines here.

And the people are so friendly here too !!!!

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Anonymous said...

Daniel, looks like you are having a great trip. Keep enjoying yourself, we are loving being able to share your experiences by way of your blog.All good here, stay safe, love Mum and dad.Bye xxxx.