Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big things.. then Dinner

This afternoon I went to CN tower - currently the Worlds tallest building (at about 533m high). The view of the city was great.
After they finished work tonight I went with Jonathan and his roomate Sondhy to a restaurant called Byzantium recommended by Willy back home - Its right near where the guys live - Thanks for the tip - we had an awesome meal ! We then wandered around the streets of Toronto - the picture above is the new addition to the Royal Ontario Museum based on a "crystal" of some variety. (There are also some arts festivals here this weekend).

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Adam & Jason said...

O.M.G did you walk out onto that glass floor in the CN Tower? It would have been cool to see a photo looking down through your feet. I was in the CN Tower for three hours trying to get the nerve up before I could walk out onto that thing, I hate hights.

JJ xx

Nikolaka said...

It's just like centrepoint tower ... only tasteful and probably not ging to fall down in the next year or two i guess.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas - you are right - it actually looks good on their city skyline - but someone told me that china are trying to build a taller tower.

Jase - i didnt walk out on it - as i dont like heights. I did take a photo looking down though..