Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Big things.. then Dinner

This afternoon I went to CN tower - currently the Worlds tallest building (at about 533m high). The view of the city was great.
After they finished work tonight I went with Jonathan and his roomate Sondhy to a restaurant called Byzantium recommended by Willy back home - Its right near where the guys live - Thanks for the tip - we had an awesome meal ! We then wandered around the streets of Toronto - the picture above is the new addition to the Royal Ontario Museum based on a "crystal" of some variety. (There are also some arts festivals here this weekend).

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Neighbourhood im staying in.

These shots show the area around Chruch St Toronto - where im staying with my mate Jonathan. Its an interesting mix of older terraces and new condominiums, all just a short distance to Toronto's downtown.

Does anyone recognise this street from TV shows filmed here in Canada ? For a minute I thought I was in Pittsburgh.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tips, odds and ends for those coming to San Fran, next stop Toronto.

I also really clicked with Rod and Greg – two guys who were from New Orleans and have recently moved to San Francisco. Whilst their house survived Hurrican Katrina (My thoughts go to all those affected – it was such a devastating event.) – they decided to move to San Fran for some work opportunities. One tip they gave me was where to find good coffee. Above is the shop cnr 18th St and Sanchez (if you are like me and cant stand the bitter coffee in the US) where you can choose the coffee beans you want for your own coffee.

On Friday night after being out with Will, Rod, Greg, Troy and Jarek, – I decided to go out dancing – Found a great club the End up – (where many people end up after all the alcohol stops at 2am). The music was pumping and there was a really mixed crowd. On Sunday I also hit some of the long weekend events – there is a great club in an old theatre called Ruby Skye (the main DJ was Manny Lehman – who I think has played in Sydney before). It was a charming old building and I ran into people I had previously met while traveling – it’s still a very small world.

I also have added a picture of the Legion of Honor museum.

San Francisco is still a very progressive city – it’s a quality I struck on my first visit. Public Transport, Housing and Social Issues are all important to the people of this city. Some people have told me of the increasing conservatism that is creeping in here. However I have included a picture of a controversial pro-adoption campaign being run here. I for one hope that San Francisco continues to be at the forefront of social change. Its one city I believe that where regardless of who you are or where you come from there is a strong sense of acceptance and a feeling of community. I am sure I will be back to visit tis great city again.

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Yes - they have drag shows here too !

Hmmm... what can I say ... Scott took me and Tim to see the weekly "Trannyshack" show.. this was a Bjork themed night. Costumes were great - but the venue ... on 9th and Harrison I think ... was packed to the rafters and so very hot inside !!!

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Pics from Berkeley

One day i rode the BART train over to Berkeley - its a nice old style town with the University the largest thing there. Its amazing with the fog in Summer how it can be sooo cold in San Francisco yet so warm over the other side of the Bay

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More Pics of San Fran

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Doing as locals do

This was not my first time to San Francisco – last time I did lots of the touristy things – cable car rides , trip to Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge.

So I decided this time I want to spend my time as locals do.

Dolores Park was a new discovery. This is a great park – perfect for sunny days in San Fran – located just near the Mission District it has a perfect view of the city

I also joined Golds Gym for a week – and went 3 times (I think even i'm in shock at that )

On Monday I went downtown with Big William to the Imax Theatre to see Spiderman 3 – I liked it – but the movie was so very long – Imax was a great way to see it.

Over the week I’ve been here - I just went for coffee, sat in the park, rode the muni system or just strolled the many streets of San Francisco. I've also eaten really well here too including Mexican, Thai, & Italian - like Sydney there is a great range of different cuisines here.

And the people are so friendly here too !!!!

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Cool people there are to be met in San Fransico

Big William was a great host – we will hopefully be seeing him visit Sydney for the first time next year. As well all of Will’s friends are great they were great company all week so a big thankyou to you all – come visit Sydney soon !

Will took us for some cultural delights with the Masterpieces of French Jewelry at the “Legion of Honor Museum” – watch out Nicholas I may now know something for watching Antiques Roadshow. I met Kim on Saturday and she made a big impact. She has traveled extensively (incl to Australia) and had so many great tips for traveling and my blog.

I met Aaron during the day on Wednesday while I was wandering around the city– then on Thursday we went for lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf – He typifies what San Francisco is all about – from Ohio originally he’s moved here for a change ahead of going to study in New York.

Jeff and Sarah – I really enjoyed meeting these two at Renata’s party. (Guys back home - I think Jeff is Chris O’Grady’s evil twin brother the resemblance is uncanny)

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Met some cool people too at Renata's Birthday

Thanks to my mate Jason - I got to meet both some great locals in San Fran(who have really looked after me well this week) as well as some visitors from Palm Springs all in town for Renata's Birthhday (she is in the black and white dress). Ill expand on this later - but really wanted to post some pics :-)

The night culminated in some fantastic renditions of sing a longs from the Sound of Music ( people could actually sing - i was very envious) - Mitzi would be proud.

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San Francisco is a great city !!

San fransico is so laid back... i've always loved it since I first visited in 2004.. or was it when i went to see the Village People movie aged 4 ???? either way its really cool....

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