Thursday, June 28, 2007

Welcome to sunny Madrid !

Welcome to Summer in Madrid ! I arrived in Madrid Wednesday morning and thanks to Iberia airlines I got an upgrade to business class for my 11 hour flight from Buenos Aires. It meant I got to sleep and I dont feel jet lagged here at all (yet). I like the new modern archirecture in Spain - above is the new Terminal four building at Barajas airport.

My first night was spent in Chueca where at the moment there are street parties, live bands and concerts. I met up with my friends from Madrid who i met travelling in 2004 - Victor and Josete. I got to meet a whole lot of their friends too !

My hotel is right on Gran Via and as you can tell above outside is always really busy. It also really great weather here so today (Thursday) I headed to the piscina el lago for a swim and as you can see above - plenty of others did too.

That's it for now - about to go to dinner with Paul and Georgio from Sydney. Adios !

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Nikolaka said...

The pool shot is just like a Kylie 'Slow' video .. except she was kind enough to magnify focus on the cute boys Dan ... v. v. sloppy !