Sunday, June 24, 2007

I love the NIghtlife

Well, Buenos Aires does slow down just a little bit mid week. But, With an assortment of friends from different corners of the globe we've been exploring whats hot and whats not in this crazy town.

Some of the better restaurants I've been to this week include Bar 6, La Cabrera, Olsen and Don Julio's. But there is so much wonderful food.

Our departure time each night has been later and later with dinner commencing as late as 11pm followed by bar hopping around town - I can only imagine what this placed is like in the warmer months..

We also found a great nightclub called alsina - in an old church i think.. finally some great vocal house music to my liking. (Though I suspect the better music could have been as most people were out at a huge electronica festival the same night)
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