Friday, June 8, 2007

First Day in New York

This is my third time in New York and I've decided to try new things in this city. So on day one I went exploring the Hudson Bay park area. Its all been done up on the west side of mnhattan island with cycleways parks and recreation facilities. I then wandered back through Soho and NYU back to my friend Karl's, and had lunch along University Place.

I had got in touch with an old friend through politics - Ashley - who has just moved down to teach and research at New York's Colombia Business School. He and I have always got along really well - and so Tuesday night I was given a great tour of the lower east side - starting at Schillers Bar/Restaurant, we then basically did a pub crawl of the best and worst bars that the lower east side had to offer.

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Anonymous said...

hello daniel,
we are enjoying all your news, you are obviously having a great time. You have missed a huge storm that went thru newcastle and the c coast. We only suffered a day without power but many people in these two areas were flooded.We suppose that you are in argentina now,we miss you, bye for now, mum and dad.xxxxxxxx

Kent said...

Glenn and I love Schillers! We went there in April and have been telling everyone we know to go there now!

Daniel, your trip looks great! So veryh jealous...