Friday, June 8, 2007

Saying goodbye to Toronto

I have always got along well with Canadians. I am so glad I finally made it to Canada to visit some of the people I've previously met.

When you look at it we do have a lot in common – heavy British cultural influences, both huge countries with massive natural assets yet both our populations cling to a small part of each respective place. The language isn’t too far apart from ours either – I do like the Canadian “out and about … ay !”

Canadians can be quiet and reserved but they also have a great energy – no wonder they beat Australia in a recent survey to get the title of “friendliest people”.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Toronto – I got great weather, enjoyed the tourist sites such as CN Tower and Niagara Falls, saw a bit of Ontario’s parliament and for the most part just hung out with friends – especially on the many “patio” areas of restaurants and bars. I even found some great coffee – must be the migrant influence here (which has a really similar mix to Sydney).

I even heard one of the best dance remixes Sat night of Midnight Oil’s “Beds are burning” which really surprised me J The crowd was pumping – though it was an electronic music dj so at first it was all a bit heavy.. but then it picked up after a while.

While I was here I really got a good chance to sit back and think. One thing I spoke to others about is technology and its impact on people. Is spending more time alone or at home a good thing? Should we be interacting in group social environments ? Is socializing in person doomed because of the internet. And on that note I am noticing that facebook is taking off rapidly back home ( it is very popular here in Toronto).

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Adam & Jason said...

You're lucky meeting decent Canadians. The majority of ones that I have met on my travels over the years have left a lot to be desired, and makes you want to give them a right royal kick up the arse. I obviously travel to the wrong destinations.

Stop thinking and pondering so much. You sound like a talk back show. Have a drink and enjoy yourself.

JJ x

Coaster2007 said...

oh I did drink a lot!!! jonathan can attest to my rather special car trip to NIagrara Falls he he he