Friday, June 8, 2007

Day 2 in New York

If it wasnt for the desert called a "blintz" which was certain to soak up a lot of the alcohol I had consumed last night I am sure that I would have been broken today. I got up late and didnt do too much.

Tried to look at some shops but didnt find much of interest.

After a few drinks, I ended up at a charming old italian restaurant just off eighth avenue in Chelsea for dinner. It even had Frank Sinatra songs playing - If I hadnt realised already- I was definitely in New York and three weeks into my trip feeling a bit homesick. (a big hello to everyone at home)


Adam & Jason said...

I know what you mean about the home sickness. I felt that 6-7 months into my trip and seriously thought about coming home. But dont do that as you'll only regret it. Now chin up and get out there fella, as time is a ticking. Your trip is already 25% over and the rest of it is going to fly by.


Coaster2007 said...

awww thanks jase...