Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seville by night..

Just when it finally starts to cool down - is when the Seville comes alive with people. So whether its a stroll past the old buildings, doing some shopping, going to a tapas bar, watching flamenco, celebrating at a local festival or drinking in the street - Seville is a great location.

Linda and I (the other aussie in our group) found the Australian tent at the festival of nations - but I have to confess that drinking at the Brazilian tent was the most fun ) .

Later in the evening I think I found one of the worlds oldest drag queens at a local bar - isbillya.
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Anonymous said...

I have to ask ... did you manage to find the barber of Seville there ?

I don't know about the Australian tent, but when Amina and I were in Berlin, there was a huge street fair. And we too, discovered that any of the tents/stalls that were brazillian were much more fun than the rest of the fair. We more or less worked our way through the fair from brazillian tent to brazillian tent with mojitos in hand !!!