Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Algeciras - my low point of the trip so far

Im going to get the grumbling over and done with - I couldnt bring myself to take photos of Algeciras - a dirty noisy port town. It's only plus is that its a transport hub for day trips. Above is a map showing you the location at the very southern tip of Spain. I did not enjoy this part of my trip.

On my second day i thought I should go to Gibraltar. Trinny and Susannah need to visit Gibraltar and make over not just the tourists but the city itself. It is really run down. The only thing I did find amusing in Gibraltar is that one of the main streets is named after Winston Churchill - appropriate I thought.
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Kento said...

I've been there. I agree it's a pit!

Loving the blog!!!

Anonymous said...

im glad then :-).. cheers Dan