Sunday, August 19, 2007

Valencia - and our trip to the Bullfighting

Firstly - I apologise to anyone who views bullfighting as inhumane. But, on arriving in valencia our tour group finally found a bull fight on the night we were actually in a city. Given the significance of bullfighting in the South of Spain it was something we had to see.

As you can see - huge numbers of people (young and old) turned out on this Wednesday night in late July for the Bullfighting (part of a week long festival in Valencia)

I went with an open mind - and yes after seeing it - it is gory and gruesome - but its also artful and a true performance spectacle .

I was amazed also at how serious the crowd take these events - the group of locals next to us - were yelling criticism of the size of the bulls (being too small) and the inadequacies of the matedors.

Truly a Spanish experience that I wont forget in a hurry!
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jasonjux said...

Bullfighting is inhumane, gory and gruesome. What an awful way to die by drowning in your own blood with spears hanging out your back, and then when you are weak and out of breath as your lungs are full of blood to have a sword plunged through your spinal cord and piecing your heart (thats if the matedors manage to hit the right spot).

And the inadequacies of the matedors obviously relate to the size of their dicks. What is it they say about 'short man syndrome' or 'men with big cars'!